Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day With The Animals

Life has been busy since the fall semester began. But somehow I found time to visit the zoo. The young children from my church went on a "field trip" to the Houston Zoo about a week ago and I decided to go along as a chaperone. I was very excited, maybe even more excited than the kids, because I love the outdoors as well as the animals. My favorite are giraffes and elephants. If I could've taken them home with me, I definitely would have. Maybe one day. ;)

We saw a rainbow on the way there! So awesome!

I love that I captured this moment. My pastor and one of the kiddos silently admiring one of my favorite creatures. <3

This cheetah freaked me out by how mean it looked. I wish I could've captured its face.
Cheesing with the cheetah!
My heart! <3
What a beautiful family!
My god-son Junior on the carousel.
My love, April'el.
My heart, my pastor. <3
This albino alligator was a real sight. Very interesting..

The fruit bat. Very cool to see him in action.

This image of these jellyfish is breathtaking. I'm so excited I captured this!

The kids had a blast and were worn out by the end of the day, which was great for us, because we were too. But I love the little ones, they keep me young and I am continually amazed by the words that come out of their mouths. They are the future of this world and I want to do my part in helping to shape and mold them into the amazing adults they are destined to be. I look forward to many more field-trips in the future.

Rita Lynn

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