Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Sounds of my Thoughts

My mind beckons you as my heart palpitates wildly
Just then I feel your lips caress my skin while your fingertips play with my sin
Your intellect intrigues me to tears that you wipe with your fears as I share mine
The moment of bliss arrives and I scream "I love you" in ecstasy only to open my eyes and find
You. Gone.
You're a figment of my imagination, in this life we are just friends
The puzzle pieces that make us who we are won't fit together no matter how forceful the pull
It's for the better because if I gave you what you wanted
In the end resentment would lead to hurt and you broken...
Into shards of glass the colors of rainbows
Looking pretty without but cutting deeply within...
The souls of others spreading the screams of pain to the masses.
If only I could verbalize what I feel inside to undo what has not yet been done
But these are just the sounds of my thoughts.

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